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complete line of mud pump spare parts for National Oilwell pump (P series pump), C. Emsco pump (F series pump), BOMCO (F pump), HH (F pump), Gardner Denver (PZ pump). 

  • liners, bi-metal and ceramics

  • piston

  • valves & seats

  • cage cover

  • spring

  • seats puller

  • piston rod, pony rod & clamp

  • pulsation dampener

  • strainer block

  • discharge manifold

  • relief valve (safety valve)

  • module & accessories


 complete line of tubular handling tools (casing running tools). 

  • power tong

  • manual tong

  • safety spinning wrench

  • manual slips

  • FMS 

  • elevator, slips elevator

  • safety clamp

  • bushing 


gate valve, API 6A Spec.

  • mud valve for both ground and rig floor mud manifold. 

  • gate vale for kill & choke manifold. 

  • gate valve for surface production tree.

  • components (stem, gate, seat, and seal).

  • materials (forged and casted) in machined or semi-finished.

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rig spare parts & fast moving items

  • shaker screen

  • electrical motor for agitator, drawworks, mud pump, and centrifugal pump.

  • drilling rotary hoses

  • drilling line (wire rope)

  • desert tires for desert-moving rig. 

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Andy Zhao


co-founder & president at Kingrig & Oilman DMCC, Dubai

founder & president of Kingrig Group

outstanding and respectable entrepreneur with partnership spirit, with unparalleled ability of finding opportunity and transiting the opportunity into actual business, deep understanding about importance of Customers relationship and ability to build up trustable relationship with customers. 

products strength at both tubular running tools and mud pump fluid end parts. 


George Li


co-founder & managing director at Kingrig & Oilman DMCC, Dubai 

 trustable business partner you can reply on, practitioner of promises to delivery , with the highest level of integrity, exemplary self-disciplined, with international insight and know-how on supply chain development and management. products expertise in rig spare parts and drilling consumables.  

John Jiang.jfif

John Jiang


Sr. Manager | rig spare parts

 thorough knowledge, strong technical background, and unmatched ability to source out right spare parts from quality vendors, John has been delivering beyond expectation since joining in Oilman group in 2016 in charging of rig spare parts business unit. 


Ahmed Salah


Business Development Manager 

Cairo, Egypt

10+ years experience in procurement at drilling companies, joined in Oilman Group since 2017, developing business with drilling companies operating in territory of Egypt in both oil and water sectors, exploring any new growth opportunity in the region.    



Mohamed Gaboon


executive | medical device & healthcare 

Cairo, Egypt

licensed doctor with 20+ years practice and thorough knowledge on medical device and healthcare with strong business sense, wide contacts, dedicated spirit, passionate, persistence, very high level of professionalism, great integrity and self-disciplined, joined in Oilman Group in 2016 to explore any opportunity in Egypt and NEMA region for medical device and healthcare supplies.


Mohamed Ikene


executive | marketing & sales


 experienced Product Line Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry including 20+ years with Weatherford TRS business unit Algeria. Skilled in Petroleum,  strong product management professional graduated from University of Blida , Algeria.


Mohamoud William



digital marketing 

after 7 years study in China received master degree education in mechanical-electronics with perfect communication skill in Chinese, English and Arabic, outstanding sense in business, and good understanding about digital marketing & sales, joined in Oilman Group in 2019, in charge of online shop. 



Brack Lee


manager | mud pump spare parts

joined in Oilman Group in 2015 after study 3-year college study in supply chain management, has been working on mud pump fluid end parts including vendors auditing, quality inspection before packing at works, delivery assurance, etc. 


Jody Liu.jpg

Jody Liu


manager | Logistic & exporting 

joined in Oilman Group in 2014  taking care of logistic & exporting including mainly delivery planning, port gathering, customs application and clearance, exporting documents and shipping documents, invoicing, etc.  

Kevin Li.jpg

Kevein Li


manager | vendors, inspection & delivery 

joined in Oilman Group in 2014 taking care of  vendors development, inspection, testing, labelling, packing & shipping marks, packing list, port gathering planning and assurance, products technical documentations and certifications. 

Luis Ye.jpg

Luis Ye


partner | crude oil & mines

Mr. Luis Ye, lives at Spain, has been actively in crude oil, copper, gold and rare metal business since as early as 2000, built up solid reputation in the circle, maintaining wide contacts with crude oil suppliers and /or producers from Russia and gulf region with sustainable supply chain. 

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