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working with oil producers and /or allocation holders to arrange transactions for serious and able buyers.

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Oil commodities

Oil commodities from crude oil ( Bonny light, Basrah light, medium and heavy, ESPO, Oman blend, Bitumen Mixture, Arabia light), LNG, to refined products  (LPG, EN590, LCO, petcoke, sulfur,  benzene, naphtha, base oil, etc).

Spot market and term contract. 

Minerals primary are copper, gold and coal. 

Oil well construction equipment, materials & tools

Rig package solutions "Ready to Drill" includes all rig components, mud pump & high pressure circulating system, mud tank tanks & low pressure circulating system, generators & SCR/VFD unit, electrical motors, solid control equipment, well control equipment, down hole drilling tools, fishing tools, and ancillary equipments. 

Tubular handling tools ( power catwalk, slips, elevator, manual tong, power tong, safety clamp, safe spinning wrench, spider elevator, iron roughneck)  for drill pipe, drill collar, casing, tubing, and sucker rod.  

Wellhead & production tree equipment, gate valves.

Drilling fluids additives mainly focu on polymeries which are Xanthan polymer, CMC, and PAC. 

Services & completion equipments cementing unit, mud logging unit, mud logging unit, and workover unit

Well construction materials from casing & accessories (centralizer, shoe, follar, and plug), cement & additives. 

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