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The global pandemic that started in early 2020 has caused major damage to global economy and business activities, and the Russian-Ukrainian military conflict that began in early 2022 has worsened the cross boundaries supply of commodities, especially energy and mineral resources. As a result, more and more customers need different level of assistance in their international sourcing and purchasement.  

The development of communication and internet technology has made it easier to obtain information, but the difficulty of identifying the authenticity of information has also increased simultaneously, and true information is critic in making correct decision at right time. 

Under the inspiration and guidance of industry veterans Mr. Henk Vietor, Mr. David Brown and Dr. Andy Chakrabarti, the founders of the Oilman Commodity DMCC team allied with Dr. Mark Munoz, a professor at the Tabor School of Business at Millikin University in the United States and a member of the U.S Global Leadership Alliance Committee, Mr. Shawn Lewis from Switzerland (the founder and CEO of Ryno Drilling), and Mr. Arturo Hernan Carcamo (the founder and CEO of the Argentine IPP LTD oilfield service company), aims to provide some services to companies that need to reduce their international procurement risks and costs. 

The strengths are good connection with producers, allocation holders, and major traders,  expertise in products,  know-how and rich experience in physical commodities trade. 

The commodities we can provide services on range from crude oil, natural gas (LNG), condensate, petroleum products (petcoke, sulfur, naphath, LPG) , coal, and iron ore. 

Demand and supply of oil and natural gas never match, the information each different trader gets will never be always the same, no best deal at all.  Having the chance to learn directly from industry veterans and leaders makes us different.

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