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Serving Middle East & North Africas (MENA)

Mr. Andy Zhao  | co-owner & President |  | Mobile:+971 50 882 0650

Mr. George Li | co-owner & Managing Director | | Mobile: +971 50 294 0290

Expertise /specialty

Tubular Running Tools   

Mud pump fluid end expendables and parts  

mud pump repair and upgrade 

Downhole drilling tools /fishing tools

Oilman International

Houston, Texas

Mr. James Zhou | President | | Mobile: +1-646 673 6738

expertise /specialty 

tubular handling tools (Tubular Running Tools)

mud pump

mud pump fluid end expendables and parts

mud valve 

frac pump & fluid end module

frac valve and frac head 

wellhead & accessories 

production tree and gate valve 

well control equipment (BOP, Choke & Kill manifold, and closing unit)


Tubular Running Tools

complete line of Tubular handling tools (Varco /BJ style),

  • Manual tong

  • Rotary Drill pipe slips

  • Casing slips

  • Drill collar slips

  • Slips Flex handles

  • Elevator (Drill pipe, Drill collar, and Casing)

  • Spider type Elevators

  • Slips type Elevators

  • Single Joint Elevators

  • Power Tong

  • Iron Roughneck

  • Spinning Safety Wrench

  • Safety Clamp

  • Master Bushing & Inserts

  • Casing Bushing 

  • Pneumatic slips

  • API Bowls & Insert Bowl 

  • Flush Mount Spider (FMS 375)

  • Casing Running Tools (CRT)

Mud pump fluid end expendables & parts

Complete line of fluid end expendables and parts, module & accessories for market most popular makes of mud pumps which are NOV made F series and P series pump, Gardner Denver made PZ series mud pump, BOMCO and HH made F series mud pump.

  • Liners (bi-metal and Ceramic)

  • Rubber bonded Piston (Oil base, HT-HP)

  • Valves & Seats

  • Valve Inserts (Valve Rubber)

  • Pony Rod, Clamp

  • Wear plate 

  • Mud pump Components (Gears, Pinion Shafts, Crankshafts, Manifolds, Pulsation Dampeners, Strainer Blocks, Crossheads and Guides, etc)

  • Standard replacements

  • 2-pieces L type module. 

  • Valves puller 

  • Supercharge Pump (Centrifugal pump)

  • Spray pump 

  • Relief valves (OTECO type)

  • 7500 PSI Fluid end module, SW style.

API 6A products

  • Surface conventional Wellhead & Accessories

  • API 6A Spec Flange

  • DSA

  • Tubing head

  • Tubing hanger 

  • Tree Cap

  • Cameron FC, FLS style Gate valves

  • Frac head 

  • Frac valve 

  • DEMCO type Mud valve 

  • OTECO type mud valve

  • Gate valves spare parts

Well control equipment.

  • Cameron, Shaffer and Hydril equivalent

  • Koomey style closing unit

  • Cameron F and FC type Gate valve 

  • Test Pump

  • High Pressure armed hose 

  • Rotating BOP

  • Inside BOP

  • Annular, Ram, Blind, Shearing.

  • Mud manifold 

  • Kill & Choke manifold

  • Armed hose 

Oilman Group

上 海 欧 曼 石 油 设 备 有 限 责 任 公 司

Shanghai, China

Mr, Brack Li | Sales Manager  |

Mr. John Jiang | SCM Manager |

Mr. Mohamoud William | Marketing & Sales | 

Mr. Kevin Li | Vendors | 

Miss Jody Liu | Logistic & Invoice |

expertise /specialty 专长/擅长

supply chain building up 供应链建设

products development & manufacturing 产品研发和制造安排

sourcing & procurement 采购

products /equipment technical documentation  产品技术文件

inspection and factory acceptance test 检测和验收

stamping, labeling, and packaging 标识、包装

 exporting customs application, documentation  出口及单据

shipping documentation, certification, invoicing, and notarization  出口单据、取证、发票及使馆认证

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