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Professional consulting services for small and medium commodity producers, traders and end users (refineries) to build resilient and high security supply chains.

Mr. Henk Vietor

Mr. Henk Viëtor, co-founder of Vitol Group,  is one of the most highly accomplished and widely respected Energy Sector professionals.

Mr. David Brown

Mr. David Brown qualified as a Solicitor and has been a  Director of two Stock Exchange companies with extensive expertise in international mergers and acquisitions.

The highest level of professionalism, dedication with great patience. 

Dr. Andy Chakrabarti

Dr. Andy Chakrabarti, in Pure Science (Economic & Mining Geology) from Durham University in 1967, then as mine Geologist, Sr. Economic Geologist Senior Economic Geologist, The World Bank, LCP II, in Colombia, Peru, Brazil & Argentina till 1980.

Rich expereince in all aspects of mining industries, wide knowledge on mining of  gold, diamond, lithum, cobalt, copper, and rare earth. 

Prof. Mark Munoz, PhD

Prof. Mark Munoz, Ph.D, J. Mark Munoz is a graduate of MBA and Ph.D in Management at the University of San Jose. Prior to joining the academy, he held senior management roles in diverse multinational organizations. He was a  Visiting Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and former Advisor to the AI Initiative at Harvard University.

keep exploring knowledge. 

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