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Base Oil

Base oils

Also known as: lubes

Base oils are one of the specialty products that can be produced by a refinery.

Base oils are not a fuel. They are blendstocks used to formulate a variety of lubricating oils for use in engines and other machinery.

Base oils are produced by extracting and treating high-viscosity material from narrow distillation cuts of vacuum gasoil or vacuum resid. This requires special processing through a number of different units comprising the lubes plant.

Producing base oil is typically very profitable for a refinery, because it allows the refiner to take some of the lowest valued part of crude oil, vacuum gasoil, or vacuum resid, and sell it as a high-valued specialty product. However, base oil production facilities have a relatively high capital cost per barrel, so only a subset of refiners have installed them.



2018-2022年,国内基础油进口量小幅整理为主,年平均进口量在247.99万吨,进口量波动空间在6万-40万吨之间,进口贸易伙伴以韩国、新加坡、中国台湾等为主,主要进口资源为二类、三类基础油。 2022年,从基础油进口量按照贸易伙伴来看,韩国、新加坡、中国台湾位列前三位。其中,自韩国进口基础油占全国基础油进口的37.17%,位列第一位;自新加坡进口基础油占比24.15%,位列第二位;自中国台湾进口基础油20.43万吨,占比11.44%,位列第三位



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