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Basrah Light

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The Al Basra Oil Terminal, commonly referred to as ABOT, is a deep sea island offshore crude terminal located approximately 31 nautical miles SE of the Iraqi port of Al Faw. Crude oil produced for export from the southern Iraqi oilfields is piped to the southern tip of the al-Faw Peninsula and then undersea to the ABOT. The terminal consists of two loading platforms, each with two loading berths and three operational SPMs capable of loading vessels up to 350,000 DWT (ULCC) at design rates of 800-900 thousand barrels per day of oil per berth. The maximum sailing draft is 21 meters.

The Khor al-Amaya Oil Terminal, commonly referred to as KAAOT, has a shallower depth (max draft of ~12.5 meters) and its two berths can accommodate Suezmax oil tankers with capacities up to 1 million barrels or 200,000 DWT and has the capacity to transfer about 240 thousand barrels per day of oil.


  • Gravity 31.4

  • Sulfur 2.74% 

  • Load port Al Basra Oil Terminal


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