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  1. 卖家出具可以满足一年期合同要求原油品种(轻质或中质或重质原油),原油名称、最新SGS原油全分析报告书,以供买方加工工艺确认和价格对比。

  2. 卖方出具一年合同期内可供原油的资源购买确认证明文件,以供买方对卖方供应原油持续性确认。

  3. 卖方出具过往针对中国市场或者其他东南亚、欧洲市场的交易记录。

  4. 卖方出具以往合作过的船务运输公司的资料及原油贸易的租船记录。


  1. 卖家出具报价函(当月针对后两个月报价,ICE布伦特+/-贴水)。

  2. 买方确认报价函。

  3. 签署原油贸易合同,卖家出具当月批次原油运输船舶的船名,船号等船舶信息资料,以供买方港口还是备案。买方提供中国指定港口坐标。

  4. 卖方按合同要求进行提油作业,并将所有提油作业手续(包括但不限于原产地证、出口许可文件、SGS检测报告、运输协议等POP/Q88文件交于接证银行,再由接证银行传递给买方开证行确认。

  5. 买方和买方银行在运输船舶抵达指定中国港口前三天指令后,开出跟单信用证(DLC),待到达指定港口后,船上商检,报税库数检经买方确认后,买方银行解付信用证。

  6. ​有两船试运船后,流程无异议,再签署一年长约。

Prequalification & Procedures for new vendors

  • The seller is required to provide 

    1. Brand of crude oil and latest SGS full inspection with complete analysis report. 

    2. ATS issued by title owner, or  Certificate of allocation issued by oil producers. 

    3. Past transaction records

    4. Profile of shipping company worked with and oil tanker rental records. 


  • Upon provision and verification of above documents, then 

    1. Seller provides SCO for forwarding two months, ICE Brent -Discount (or + Premium).

    2. Buyer confirms above SCO, signing SPA

    3. Upon signing the SPA, the Seller provides the name and IMO code of the oil tanker of the month to files at China Marine Authority. 

    4. The Seller loads the cargos as per the SPA, and submits all loading documents to the beneficiary bank. 

      1. ​​Certificate of origin. 

      2. SGS inspection report.

      3. Q88.

      4. POP (Proof of Products)

      5. Transportation Agreement.

      6. Exporting permit

    5. The buyer instructs the bank to issue DLC three (3) days prior to the estimated date of arrival.

    6. The buyer carries out the commercial inspection on board at the berthing terminal at the destination port, and quantity inspection at the onshore free zone storage tank.

    7. The buyer instructs the bank to pay the DLC upon satisfactory Q&Q inspection. 

    8. Annual contract will be signed upon two successful trial deliveries.