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Letter on Buyer company letterhead

Letter of Intention: Purchase of xxxx 

Mr. xxxx (seller's contact)
c/w: xxxxxxxxxxxx (seller)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (seller's address)
Mr. xxx

c/w xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Seller's broker /mandate)


xx   xx , 2022                            Subject to Formal Contract

Dear xxx
My company is interested on buy  xxxxx from your company on the basic terms outlined below.
You can view information on my Company on the following website – www.xxx.com  -, and I attach a KYC document.

The outline terms are:

Product                    xxxxxx
Specifications        [Please supply specifications]
Quantity                 xxxxx barrels per month with 12 continous months with rolls option      
Term                       Trial cargo of 2,000,000 barrels followed by 12-month contract with rolls. 
Delivery Terms       CIF/xxxx China
Q + Q                     By international inspection company at the discharge port
Price                        To be agreed
Payment Terms      To be agreed
Pricing Period        The average of one day before, the day of, and one day after discharge
Bank                       To be advised
Governing Law      English
Terms and Conditions   To be agreed in the SPA 

Yours faithfully


xx xx xx (Signatory)

President (Sigantory)

xxxxxxxxxxxx (Buyer full name)