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Russia origin


The Eastern Siberia–Pacific Ocean (ESPO) oil pipeline is a pipeline system for exporting Russian crude oil to the Asia-Pacific markets. The pipeline is built and operated by Russian pipeline company Transneft.

The Argus ESPO Blend price assessment is the most transparent price for crude traded in Asia-Pacific, pricing  of light crude shipped through the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) Pipeline and sold to the east Asian and US west coast markets. The Argus ESPO Blend price assessment reflects market prices for crude sold by Russian producers to Asia-Pacific refiners and international trading firms on a FOB Kozmino basis (max size of tankers 150,000 d.w.t )

Standard specification of ESPO are API 34 and sulfur content 0.535%. 

​俄罗斯产地原油API平均值 34, 含硫平均在 0.535%


Nigeria origin


Bonny Light oil was found at Oloibiri in the Niger delta region of Nigeria in 1956 for its commercial use.[citation needed] Since then, indigenous people in Nigeria use it as medical treatment, detox, dermal inflammation, digestive disorders, and so on. Due to its features of generating high profit, it is highly demanded by refiners.

Bonny light oil has an API of 32.9, classified as light oil. It is regarded as more valuable than the other oils with lower API as more high-value products are produced in the refinement.

Standard specification of ESPO are API 32.9 and sulfur content 0.14-10.16%.

​尼日利亚产地原油API平均值32.9, 含硫pingjunzhi  01.4%

Omani light

Omani Light 

 阿曼轻质油,API平均值 33,含硫1.5%