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Mr. David Brown qualified as a Solicitor and has been a  Director of two Stock Exchange companies with extensive expertise in international mergers and acquisitions. 

In 2003 David was appointed to Group DF, a major Ukrainian corporate, with responsibility for all oil and gas acquisitions and corporate structures a position he held for over 12 years.


David is Chairman of the Supervisory Boards of twenty-one Ukrainian gas distribution companies.  

David Brown 先生拥有律师资格,曾担任两家证券交易所公司的董事,在国际并购方面拥有丰富的专业知识。

2003 年,大卫被任命为乌克兰一家大型企业 DF 集团的首席律师,负责所有石油和天然气的收购和公司结构,他担任该职位超过 12 年。

David 是 21 家乌克兰天然气分销公司的监事会主席。

Patience is a virtue. 耐心是一种美德 -- David Brown | 3rd Jun. 2022

Mr.David Brown

 Sr. Partner, Chief Advisor,  & Co-CEO  高级合伙人, 首席顾问 & 联合CEO

Oxfordshire, UK   | +44-7801-418603

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