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trust your partners, being good and transparent with your partners always.

George Li

co-founder | managing director

Kingrig & Oilman DMCC




George Li joined Oilman Group in 2007 as Project Manager after 10+ years working in West Africa and Sourcing & procurement manager for an US Oil company in China, and promoted to Deputy General Manager in 2008 and General Manager in 2010, and then  returned Oilman Group in 2012 as General Manager after 18 months working for TOTAL  as Sourcing manager, and co-founded Kingrig & Oilman DMCC in 2018 as Managing Director. 

George has been maintaining highest quality of working eithic and integrity and accumulated rich hands on international marketing & sales business, sourcing and procurement. 

Strength & Skill:

  • soucing & procurement

  • supply chain managment

  • customers relationshipment management 


Andy Zhao,  founder and president of Kingrig Co. ,Ltd (Kunshan)  and co-founded Kingrig & Oilman DMCC in 2018 as President. 

Andy has deep understanding on customer demand with high ability to identify opportunity and turn lead to actual business. His paasionate attitude and sincere personal quality won trust from customers, vendors, partners and employees.

Strength & skill:

  • customers developments

  • customers relationship management.

  • solid know-how on tubular handling tools and mud pump fluid end parts.

  • leadership and management

Andy Zhao

co-founder | president

Kingrig & Oilman DMCC (Dubai)

founder & president 

Kirngig Co., ltd (Kunshan)


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Luis Ye

partner | president



Luis Ye.jpg


Luis Ye,   partner and president for commodities business wit 20+ years hands on experience in crude oil, LNG, ESPO, LCO, petcoke, sulfur, EN590, and minerals (cathode copper, gold, coal) as well.  

Strength & skill: 

  • clear and strong business sense enable him to find any opportunity approaching him.

  • deep understanding on rules and regulations in importing commodities to China market. 

  • passionate and dedicated.

  • wide contacts with both government and private sectors. 


Jinglin Wang., partner and president for commodities business wit 10+ years hands on experience in crude oil, LNG, ESPO, LCO, petcoke, sulfur, and EN590.  

Strength & skill: 

  • clear vision on energy commoditities.

  • perfect customers relationship management.

  • deep understanding on rules and regulations in importing commodities to China market. 

  • solid knowledge on products.

  • dedicated, humble, and professional

  • teamwork spirit 

Jinglin Wang

partner | General Manager




Danyael Tan

partner | Executives



Danyael Tan.jpg

Danyael Tan., partner and Executive for Oil, Gas and Mines.  

Strength & skill: 

  •  20+ International trading.

  • High skill in communications and customers relationship management. 

Summary More than 25 years in the oil industry, in both drilling and production related capacities, focus in the last 10 years preparing and evaluating bid tenders and negotiation, strategic alliances including oilfied services and equipments with drilling contractors, foreign companies.



  • Sales Manager Drilling Products- Jan/1998 -Current Amesa S.A., Venezuela. Responsible for sales, rental and services 

  • Sales and Service Manager – Nov 1996/Jan 1998 Western Service and Supply, Venezuela.  

  • Sales and Service Manager Eastern Region – Jan 1989 /Nov 1996 Lukiven S.A.,  

Albenis Silveira

Sr. Executive | South Americas



Albenis Silveira.jpg

David Shu

partner | VP



David Shu.jpeg

David Shu, perfect understanding on energy commodidites business, wide contacts with the people of industry in both China mainland and Singapore, passtionate and professional with highest quality in integrity.

solid knowledge in 

  • shipping & logistic 

  • refinery & refined products (petcoke, sulfur, benzene)

  • crude oil 

Graduated from southwest petroleum univeristy in 1989 after 4 years study with major in petroleum engineering, 10 years  with CNPC from rig site drilling engineer, rig manager, and director of business development in international market. 

Established Oilman Group in 1999 at Shanghai, Oilman International FZE at Dubai in 2007 with Mr. Mike Simpon and Mr. Peter McCallum as co-founders,  Oilman International LLC at Houston in 2013, and Kingrig & Oilman DMCC at Dubai in 2018 with Mr. Andy Zhao and Mr. George Li as co-founders.


Firmly believe that integrity is what you really need to protect and maintain at any cost, trust is foundation of partnership, mission is the motives, and vision is direction.   

James Zhou

co-founders | CEO


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