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Mr. Henk Vietor

Honorary Chairman  名义董事长

Mentor  导师

Amsterdam, Netherland  

Mr. Henk Viëtor is one of the most highly accomplished and widely respected Energy Sector professionals.

Henk founded The Vitol Group, a Dutch energy and commodity trading company in August 1966.  

Anchored to the foundations Henk laid, his leadership and strategic direction drove VITOL to become one of the largest independent, physical trading and petroleum production companies in the world. 

Success is not just about what you have accomplished in your life, it's about what you Inspire others to do.

Henk Viëtor ​先生是最有成就和最受尊敬的能源领域专业人士之一。

Henk1966 年 8 月创立了荷兰能源和商品贸易公司 The Vitol Group。

先生奠定的基础为指导,他的领导和战略方向推动 Vitol Group 成为世界上最大的独立实物贸易和石油生产公司之一。


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