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listen to, follow up, and learn from your leaders are best way to express your respects to them.

Mr. Henk Vietor

Honorary Chairman of the Board

mentor to CEO 

Amsterdam, Netherland  

Henk Viëtor is one of the most highly accomplished and widely respected Energy Sector professionals. Henk founded The Vitol Group, a Dutch energy and commodity trading company in August 1966.   Anchored to the foundations Henk laid, his leadership and strategic direction drove VITOL to become one of the largest independent, physical trading and petroleum production companies in the world.
Whilst Henk’s enviable reputation was made and won within Energy Trading, Henk also has considerable experience in oil and gas exploration, negotiating the rights for and leading the exploration of oil and gas in Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE and Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas in the USA.

In 2022,  the greatest honor is to have Mr. Henk Vietor as Honorabl Chairman of the board, and mentor to CEO. 


David Brown qualified as a Solicitor and has been a  Director of two Stock Exchange companies. He has extensive expertise in international mergers and acquisitions.Originally specialising  within Commercial and Property law, saw David complete the acquisition, development and sale of significant UK retail and property brands, culminating in one of Europe’s largest property projects, Canary Wharf, London. In 2003 David was appointed to Group DF, a major Ukrainian corporate, with responsibility for all oil and gas acquisitions and corporate structures a position he held for over 12 years.David is Chairman of the Supervisory Boards of twenty-one Ukrainian gas distribution companies. Oilman Group Inited Mr. David Brown as Co-CEO and Executive Director in 2022. 

Patience is a virtue. -- David Brown | 3rd Jun. 2022

Mr.David Brown

co-CEO & Executive Director

London, UK 

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Mr. Andy Chakrabarti

Partners & Director

Chief consultant to CEO

London, UK




Mr. Andy Chakrabarti, Ph.D

Since 2020, Independent Consultant to RIZZO Associates in New Nuclear Power Project in Bulgaria, Partner in AWR Ltd., Peru, SCP Cleveland, Monaco and GEMS Mining USA.

Senior Consultant in Global Resource Development projects, NV5 Inc. USA (2015-2019)

Global Director, Mining, RIZZO Associates, USA (2011 - 2015).

Executive Director, O&G Exploration-Evalution (onshore & offshore) in East Africa, Somalia /Somaliland, Rova /Ophir Energy Corp. South Africa ( 2006 - 2010).

Senior Resource Development Executive, JCI Limited (Anglo-American Group) South Africa (2001 - 2005).

Operations Manager, United Nations Revolving Fund for National Resources Exploration (UNRFNRE), Southern Africa (1998 - 2000). 

Senior Scientist, Woodward Cycle, Inc. &  Dept of Energy , Washington DC,  High-level Radioactive Waste Disposal, Western USA (1994 - 1998)

Senior Mining  Executive, LONRHO PLC, UK, (1990 -19994) .

Chief Technical Adviser, United Nations Dept of Technical Cooperation for Development (UNDP/DTCD). Resource Development in Southern Africa (1981-1990).

Senior Economic Geologist, The World Bank, LCP II, in Colombia, Peru, Brazil & Argentina (1976 - 1980).

Exploration Manager, Siamese Tin Syndicate UK, Thailand and Malaysia (1972 - 1975).

Mine Geologist, Alice ARM Copper-Molybdenum mine, Kenecott Copper Corp, British Columbia, Canada (1969 -1971). 

Exploration Geologist, Canadian Geological Survey, Saskatchewan, Precambrian Geology Division  (1967 - 1969)

Ph. D. in Pure Science (Economic & Mining Geology), Durham University, UK, 1967.


Oilman Group invited Dr. Andy Chakrabarti as Executive Director takes care of mines of gold, coal, cathode copper, and battery metals (lithium, nickel, and cobalt), and Chief Consultant to CEO since Jan. 2020. 

Graduated from southwest petroleum univeristy in 1989 after 4 years study with major in petroleum engineering, 10 years  with CNPC from rig site drilling engineer, rig manager, and director of business development in international market. 

Established Oilman Group in 1999 at Shanghai, Oilman International FZE at Dubai in 2007 with Mr. Mike Simpon and Mr. Peter McCallum as co-founders,  Oilman International LLC at Houston in 2013, and Kingrig & Oilman DMCC at Dubai in 2018 with Mr. Andy Zhao and Mr. George Li as co-founders.

Started in oil, gas and mines ommodity in 2020 associating with Luis Ye from Spain, Jinglin Wang from Shanghai, Danyael Tan from Shanghai, Amanda Zhang from Singapore, and Ruiguang Zhang from Beijing under guidence and mentoring by industry leaders Mr. Henk Vietor, co-founder of Vitol Group, Mr. David Brown, ex Chairman of twenty-one Gas Company of Ukrain and Dr. Andy Chakrabarti. 


Firmly believe that integrity is what you really need to protect and maintain at any cost, trust is foundation of partnership, mission is the motives, and vision is direction.   

James Zhou

co-founders | CEO


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