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Mud King Products, Inc.

15211 Woodham Dr. Houston, TX 77073

PH: (281) 590-8989  | FX: (281) 590-8181

Mr. Nigel Brassington | President

Mr. Lee Wilson | General Manager

Mr. Sean Couget | Executive 

According to Baker Hughes, the region’s rig count rose by 11 week on week and now totals 843 rigs, comprising 620 from the U.S. and 223 from Canada. The U.S. added one rig week on week while Canada added 10 during the same timeframe, the count showed.

The total U.S. rig count figure of 620 is made up of 600 land rigs and 20 offshore rigs, Baker Hughes’ count revealed. Of the total U.S. rig figure, 497 rigs are categorized as oil rigs, 120 are categorized as gas rigs, and three are categorized as miscellaneous rigs. The U.S. has 560 horizontal rigs, 48 directional rigs, and 12 vertical rigs, the count outlined.

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