Meet The Team


Mr. George Li

Partner & Managing Director 

Mr. George Li, 1967, joined in Oilman Group in 2006 as Marketing & Sales Manager, then was promoted to Deputy General Manager in 2008 and General Manager in 2009, Partner and Managing Director in Kingrig & Oilman DMCC in 2018.

Integrity, dedication, and professionalism.



Cell +971 50 294 0290 

Cell +86 137 0907 5561

Andy Zhao.jpg

Mr. Andy Zhao

Partner & President

Mr. Andy Zhao, joined in Oilman Group in 2007 and then started its own business in 2009, partner and President of Kingrig & Oilman DMCC in 2018.

Ambitious, integrity, passionate, professionalism, entrepreneurship, and leadership. 


Cell +971 50 882 0650

Cell +86 189 6367 3182

Luis Ye.jpg

Mr. Luis Ye

Partner & Executive Director

Mr. Luis Ye, rich experience in crude oil & petroleum products transaction, partner, management of Crude Oil & Petroleum products business.

Humble, details, and strong business senses.


Cell +34 667 475 199


Dr. Mohamed Gaboon

Executive | Marketing & Sales

Dr. Mohamed Gaboon joined in Oilman Group in 2016 as Marketing & Sales Manager, with a good understanding of the medical device and PPE products.

Integrity, details, and intelligence.


Cell +20 109 947 2128


Mrs. Monica Cao

Executive | Marketing & Sales

Mrs. Monica Cao joined in Oilman Group in 2019, 10+ years of services with Cameron in sourcing, procurement, and supply chain management. 

professionalism, intelligent, and good business sense. 



Cell +86 137 0618 8298


Mr. Mohamed Ikene

Executive | Marketing & Sales

Mr. Mohamed Ikene joined in Oilman Group in 2019, 30+ years of oilfield background, 10+ years of services with Weatherford on tubular running services.



 Cell +213 4930 8093

Josephine Huang.jpg

Mrs. Josephine Huang

Manager | Marketing & Sales

Mrs. Josephine Huang joined in Oilman Group in 2020, 10+ years of services with GE, and DNV. solid knowledge on wellhead & X-tree, frac valve & frac head, and well control equipment.

professionalism, dedicated and committed. 


Cell +1 281 908 1417


Mr. Brack Lee

Manager | Shanghai 

Mr. Brack Lee joined in Oilman Group in 2013 immediately after his college, was promoted to marketing & sales manager in 2018, and Shanghai company manager in 2020.

good knowledge of mud pump fluid end parts, mud valve, and tubular handling tools

Integrity, dedicated, and committed.



Cell +86 135 244 1752


Mr. Mohamoud  William 

Executive | Marketing & Sales

Mr. Mohamoud William joined in Oilman Group in 2018 immediately after he's finished his Master's Degree study.

intelligent, high communication skills, and good business sense.   


 Cell +86 185 8409 3905

Ahmed Salah.png

Mr. Ahmed Salah

Manager | Marketing & Sales

Mr. Ahmed Salah joined in Oilman Group in 2018, 10+ years of sourcing and procurement experience in Sakson Group.

Intelligent, passionate, and ambitious


Cell +20 100 6100024 


Mr. John Jiang

Manager | Marketing & Sales 

Mr. John Jiang joined in Oilman Group in 2016, rich experience in Rig OEM Spare parts and sourcing. 

integrity, hardworking, dedicated, committed, knowledge, and details. 



Cell +86 152 3834 0193

Kevin Li.jpg

Mr. Kevin Li

Manager | Rig crew PPE

Mr. Kevin Li joined in Oilman Group in 2006 and has been working as an expeditor, inspector, packing, logistics, product certificates and documentation, and port gathering. 

Rig crew PPE since early of 2020

Humble, hard-working, details, and responsible. 


Cell +86 150 2189 5195


Jody Liu.jpg

Miss Jody Liu 

Manager | Marketing & Sales

Miss Jody Liu, joined in Oilman Group in 2009, started from logistics, forwarding, customs clearance, export documentation, and invoice.

started anti-covid-19 masks and gloves in early 2020.

details, patience, hardworking, integrity. 


Cell +86 150 2656 9531 


Mr. Kennth Burks

Executive | Marketing & Sales

Mr. Kennth Burks, 30+ years experience in wellhead & X-tree business.

knowledgeable with strong business sense, passion, good name, and professionalism.

bases at Houston, Texas



Cell +1 281 841 7768


Mr. Rory Song

Sr. VP

Mr. Rory Song, Sr. VP of Beijing Lucky Energy Equipment Co., ltd, strong business sense, ambitious, passionate, entrepreneurship. to be associate with Oilman Group for drilling tubular, downhole drilling tools, and fishing tools.


Cell +86 135 8189 4916