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Equipment & Tools


The legend of Oilman Group began in 1999 when two oilmen, Mr. James Zhou, and Mr. Nigel Brassington met in Houston. The two believed that the combination of the world's leading oil drilling equipment design in the United States and China's continuously improving manufacturing technology and capabilities will generate great business opportunities, and then Mr. James Zhou established Oilman Group in Shanghai, and Nigel Brassington established Mud King Products Inc. in Houston.

欧曼的故事始于1999年两个石油人周运廷先生和Nigel Brassington在美国休斯顿的会晤,当时二人都深深相信将美国领先产品设计和中国日益提升的制造工艺和能力结合起来的巨大发展潜力和商业机会, 随后周运廷先生在上海设立了欧曼集团,Nigel Brassingtong在休斯顿设立了Mud King Products Inc. 

Mr. James Zhou graduated from the Southwest Petroleum Institute majoring in drilling engineering in 1989. He joined Sinopec in the same year and worked as a field drilling engineer, platform manager and manager of the international business department. Mr. James Zhou mastered solid knowledge and hands-on experience on drilling equipment and tools, 3 years international business development activities provided Mr. James Zhou golden opportunities to know the world and opened his mind, widen his views and built up his international mind and approaches.


Oilman Group and Mud King products jointly introduced more than 300 designs of drilling equipment, tools, and spare parts to China within three years. Thanks to the active cooperation and efforts of the Chinese manufacturers like Jiangsu Rutong General Machinery Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Sanyi Petrochemical Co., Ltd, Henan Kingwell valves Co., Ltd,  thanks to the superb craftsmanship of the workshop workers, the mass production of products that meet international quality standards has been achieved since 2002 and exported to the North American market.

欧曼集团和美国Mud King Products联合国内制造商,3年引进了300多种规格的设备、工具及零配件的设计和质量标准检测体系,并实现了量化出口北美市场。


With the development of shale gas technology in the United States, a new round of global demand for drilling and production equipment has been ushered in and reached its peak in 2007-2009, during this period the Oilman Group also achieved great development. The milestone event is Mr. James Zhou, Mr. Mike Simpson, and Mr. Peter McCallum co-founded Oilman International FZCO in Dubai in 2007. Both Mr. Mike Simpson and Mr. Peter McCallum are veterans of the drilling industry and have accumulated rich experience in drilling equipment. Under Mr. Mike Simpson's great leadership and professional of Mr. Peter MaCallum, Oilman International jointly with CNPC Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., ltd awarded an icon contract from NDC of Abu Dhabi to engineering, construction and delivery 11 desert mobile drilling rigs.  At that time, it was the single largest contract of Chinese-made oilfield equipment overseas, the project was subsequently added to a total of 49 drilling rigs.

随着美国页岩气开采技术的发展,石油行业迎来了新的一轮发展高峰,2007-2009年达到了顶峰,期间欧曼集团也取得了很大的发展,2007年和英国人Mike Simpson, 澳大利亚人Peter Mccallum在迪拜保税区联合设立了欧曼国际。Mike SimponPeter McCallum都是业界老兵,在他们的经营下为后续2010年中标阿布扎比国家钻井公司11台沙漠移动钻机做好了市场和营销准备,该项目是当时中国油田设备出口历史上单笔金额最大的合同,该项目后续追加到49部钻机。

In 2018, the company ushered in another milestone event. Mr. James Zhou, oilman senior executive Mr. George Li and old friend Kingrig founder Mr. Andy Zhao jointly established Kingrig & Oilman DMCC to implement new business model of local storage sales and after-sales maintenance services, and this adds value to whole supply chain, and makes local manufacturing possible. 

2018年是公司发展的另外一个里程碑,公司资深高管李谦先生、及老朋友Kingrig的创始人赵广金先生和周先生一起在迪拜保税区设立了Kingrig & Oilman DMCC公司,为后续拓展到当地仓储式销售及简单的维修和加工服务做好的铺垫和准备。



In April 2020, Mr. Henk Vietor retired honorably from the industry giant Vitol Group he founded. Thanks to the introduction of my friend Dr. Andy Chakrabarti, I was able to get to know the admirable Mr. Henk Vietor and his long-time good friend & Business Parnter Mr. David Brown, one of most oustanding lawyer in UK. The legend of Mr. Henk Vietor gave me a strong impulse to enter the field of crude oil commodities. In the following three years, Mr. Henk Vietor patiently and carefully led me step by step into this new world of business full of challenges, opportunities, and excitement.  and I was deeply moved by Mr. David Brown's superb professionalism and dedication.

2020年4月,Henk Vietor老先生从其一手打造出来的业界领头羊企业Vitol Group (维多集团)荣耀退休,感谢老朋友Andy Chakrabarti博士的引荐,有幸结识了Henk Vietor及其好朋友和商业伙伴David Brown律师。在随后的持续3年时间里,Henk Vietor老先生的耐心、细心一步一步将我引导了原油大宗商品国际贸易的新天地,这里充满机会和兴奋,David Brown老先生的高度敬业精神和专业化程度再次感染了我。

During this period, I met Amanda Zhang, Cherie J. Chen, Janet Chen, Xu Ning, Jinglin Wang and many other industry elites in the Chinese oil & gas commodity market, and their successful stories set good example for me. The appearance of intelligent Clara Xu in 2023 strengthened my determination, and Oilman Commodity came into being.  


Feeling the challenges of the market and understanding the desire of domestic users and buyers for overseas supplier resources and channels, we position ourselves to provide reliable overseas supplier resources and channel management for domestic refinery users and their buyers.


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