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Professional consulting services for small and medium commodity producers, traders and end users (refineries) to build resilient and high security supply chains.

Mr. David Brown

Mr. David Brown qualified as a Solicitor and has been a  Director of two Stock Exchange companies with extensive expertise in international mergers and acquisitions.

The highest level of professionalism, dedication with great patience. 

Ms. Amanda Zhang

Founder & CEO of Red Lion Consulting Pte Ltd


Studied in USA, 15 years International business development, 10+ years on LNG. 

Mr. Daniel Tan

Partner | Business Development

Studied in UK

30+ Years International Trading pactices

Deep understanding about China demand market and business way. 

Wide contacts with customers.

Mr. James Zhou

Co-founders | President 

Strong desire to learn from successful people.

Solid believe that The Winner never Cheat, even at Difficult Times (John M. Huntsman).

Advocate and implement the Integrity, Transparency, Respect and Trust as core Rules of Teamworks.

Keep curosity about any new technology and opportunity. 

Keep thinking how to find opportunity in the world with high uncertaintity. 

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