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Documents for oil transaction

Documents  for Verification & registration.

  1. Quarantine Declaration for arrival.

  2. Port VTS Safety Adminstration Regulations.

  3. Port VTS Guide for users

  4. Report on Ship's particulars

  5. Maritime Declarion of Health - Entry /Exit Inspection Quarantine.

  6. Implementation Scheme of the Global Marine Fuel Sulphur limit by 2020.

  7. Data Report Format for Energy Consumpltion of Ship

  8. Ship's Routing system in port water area (2011)

  9. Captain Nomination Letter

  10. Bassla Water Declaration 

  11. China MOT Document - Domestic Emission Control Area Regulation.

  12. Crew's Effects Declaration

  13. Ship Security clarification

  14. Crde oil Wash (C.O.W) Application. 


After berthing 14 documents for Ship Master to Buyer's Shipping Agents

  1. Quarantine Declaration for Arrival 

  2. Ballast Water Declaration 

  3. Maritime Declaration of Health

  4. C.O.W Applicaiton.

  5. Ship's Routing System in China water area.

  6. Port VTS Guide for users.

  7. Data Rreport Format for the Energy Consumption of Ships.

  8. Port VTS Safety Administration Regulations (interim)

  9. Implementation Scheme of the Global Marine Fuel Oil Sulphur Limit by 2020.

  10. Ship Security Clarification.

  11. Captain Nomination letter

  12. New CA

  13. Crew Effects Declaration.

  14. Report on Ship's Particular. 

Maritime Filing 

  1. Arrival draft

  2. Crest list

  3. Pilot Card

  4. IOPP Including full of ITS Form 8

  5. CLC and Bunker CLC

  6. Stowage Plan

  7. Disch plan (Discharging Sequence).

  8. Ship's particular

  9. ISSC

  10. Ship's Registry Cert.

  11. Tonnage Cert. 

  12. Last PSC Report 

  13. Port Clearance.

  14. Safety Radio Certificate

  15. Safety Construction Certificate

  16. Safety Equipment Certificate.

Full set of POP   

  1. Copy of the Charter Party Agreement(S) To Transport the Product to the Port of discharge.     

  2. The Authorization to Board (ATB) the Vessel for inspection.  

  3. Certificate of Origin.  

  4. Bill of Lading 

  5. Cargo Manifest 

  6. Charter Party Agreement (CPA) 

  7. SGS reports of Quality and Quantity  

  8. Vessel Q88  

  9. Certificate of Insurance 

  10. Commercial Invoice 

  11. Dip test Authorization (DTA) & ATB 

  12. NOR /ETA 

  13. Certificate of Ownership Transfer 

  14. Allocation Transaction Passport Code Certificate (ATPCC) by Ministry of Energy 

  15. Title of Ownership Certificate