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Fuel Oil

Fuel oil is a broad term that could refer to a number of different refined products ranging in density from kerosene to residual fuel oil. However, it typically refers to residual fuel oil or No. 6 fuel oil.

Grades of fuel oil used in US markets:

  • No 1 - A fuel oil consisting of kerosene range material. Also called stove oil or range oil

  • No 2 - A fuel oil consisting of light atmospheric gasoil material. This is the fuel oil used as a home heating oil. It is very similar to diesel but of lower quality. Typically, it has a lower cetane and higher sulfur content. Also called Bunker A

  • No 3 - This is a now obsolete light gasoil range fuel oil, that has been combined with No 2

  • No 4 - A fuel oil consisting of VGO range material, intended for commercial heating furnaces lacking a preheater

  • No 5 - A fuel oil consisting of vac resid range material with a low viscosity, allowing it to be pumped without preheating. Also called Bunker B

  • No 6 - A fuel oil consisting of vac resid range material with a high viscosity, requiring preheating before pumping. Also called residual fuel oil or Bunker C.

燃料油的性质主要取决于原油本性以及加工方式,而决定燃料油品质的主要规格指标包括粘度(Viscosity),硫含量(Sulfur Content),倾点(Pour Point)等供发电厂等使用的燃料油还对钒(Vanadium)、钠(Sodium)含量作有规定。

大部分石油产品均可用作燃料,但燃料油在不同的地区却有不同的解释。欧洲对燃料油的概念一般是指原油经蒸馏而留下的黑色粘稠残余物,或它与较轻组分的掺和物,主要用作蒸汽炉及各种加热炉的燃料或作为大型慢速柴油燃料及作为各种工业燃料。但在美国则指任何闪点不低于37.8°C的可燃烧的液态或可液化的石油产品,它既可以是残渣燃料油(Residual Fuel Oil,亦称Heavy Fuel Oil)也可是馏分燃料油(Heating Oil)。馏分燃料油不仅可直接由蒸馏原油得到(即直馏馏分),也可由其它加工过程如裂化等再经蒸馏得到。

燃料油中的一种,通常称为俄罗斯100 ,作为我国进口燃料油的主要品种,用来提炼成品油,主要采购地区为山东,M100主要质量指标有:

1.粘度80℃时不大于 16.0。

2.灰分不大于 0.14%。

3.沉淀物不大于 1.0。

4.含硫量不大于 2.0%(高硫不大于3.5%)。

5.倾点不高于 25℃。

6.闪点不低于 110℃。

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