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Prof. Mark Munoz

Tabor professor invited to serve on global leadership coalition board Dr. J. Mark Munoz, author, global award-winner and professor at Millikin University’s Tabor School of Business, has been invited to serve as an advisory board member for the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC). The USGLC is a nationwide network of businesses, organizations and individuals who support strategic investments to elevate development and diplomacy in efforts to build a better, safer world. Those involved in the organization include national security and foreign policy experts, as well as faith-based, academic, military and community leaders. Eric Moorer, Ohio Valley manager for the USGLC, remarked that the coalition’s Illinois branch is dedicated to strengthening the Illinois economy by bringing together more than 100 leaders, including former government figures, to discuss how global leadership impacts the state.

11/11/22, 10:44 AM USGLC reached out to Dr. Munoz to join the Illinois Advisory Committee because of his passion for the work he does around the world and how he’s been able to give students incredible firsthand experience creating global brand strategies for multiple countries,” Moorer commented. Dr. Munoz is well-known at Millikin and around higher education for his groundbreaking work in global citizenship, international business consulting and artificial intelligence, among several additional topics in his catalog of work. His experiences make him an ideal fit for USGLC, and he is grateful for the opportunity to share his perspectives. “Membership in the coalition opens the door for me to serve others in a much broader capacity. It will certainly widen my professional network and lead to an enhanced understanding of current global issues.” Dr. Munoz commented. He is also enthusiastic about the opportunities that his USGLC advisory board role will bring to students at Millikin, such as creative avenues for global citizenship, consulting projects, internships, scholarships and awards. In addition to the invitation to serve with USGLC, Dr. Munoz is also looking forward to the publication of his 30th book, “Digital Entrepreneurship and the Global Economy,” which is set for release in early 2023. The book integrates his interests in entrepreneurship, management, global business, economics and technology while analyzing how the worldwide business landscape will change with technological advancements in the digital economy. “I am honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate with top scholars from around the world to help advance knowledge on how entrepreneurs can best succeed in this environment,” he stated. Throughout his career, Dr. Munoz has modeled a global approach to education by publishing a large collection of books across a diverse array of disciplines, from AI to entrepreneurship. He has also received several professional accolades, including awards and recognitions as a distinguished professor and accomplished author. “My career as a book author and editor has been a long, challenging yet meaningful journey,” he said. “We are very happy to work with Dr. Munoz to show why America leading globally matters locally to communities throughout Central Illinois.”

I am motivated by the notion of sharing ideas and educating others beyond the confines of the classroom and across international borders.”

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