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Prof. Mark Munoz

Full Professor at Millikin University Tabor Business School.

Chairman/CEO, Munoz and Associates International


Decatur, IL, USA 

Prof.Mark Munoz


Professor    | Tabor School of Business

  (217) 420-6762



J. Mark Munoz is a graduate of MBA and PhD in Management at the University of San Jose. Prior to joining the academy, he held senior management roles in diverse multinational organizations. He was a  Visiting Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and former Advisor to the AI Initiative at Harvard University. A multi-awarded professor, he received several prestigious awards including a Literary Award, two International Book Awards, four Best Paper Awards, the 2012 Distinguished Scholar by the Academy of Global Business Advancement, the 2013 ACBSP Teaching Excellence Award (one of 10 in the world), the 2014 Teaching Excellence and Leadership Award at Millikin University and the 2019 Amity/IEEE Global Academic Excellence Award. A prolific writer, his work has been published in numerous business and academic journals. He authored/co-authored/edited over twenty (20) books such as : Winning Across Borders, A Salesman in Asia, International Social Entrepreneurship, Contemporary Microenterprise, Handbook on the Geopolitics of Business, Managerial Forensics, Advances in Geoeconomics, Global Business Intelligence, and Business Strategy in the Artificial Intelligence Economy. He is currently a Full Professor of Management and International Business at the Tabor School of Business and the Dwayne Andreas Professor of Business. He teaches Business Creation, International Business, Business Strategy, and International Business Consulting. 

J. Mark Munoz 毕业于圣何塞大学,获得工商管理硕士学位和管理学博士学位。 在加入学院之前,他曾在多个跨国组织担任高级管理职务。 他是哈佛大学肯尼迪政府学院的访问学者和哈佛大学人工智能计划的前顾问。 作为一名屡获殊荣的教授,他获得了多项著名奖项,包括一项文学奖、两项国际图书奖、四项最佳论文奖、2012 年全球商业促进学院杰出学者奖、2013 年 ACBSP 教学卓越奖(10 个 世界)、2014 年米利金大学卓越教学和领导奖和 2019 年 Amity/IEEE 全球学术卓越奖。 作为一位多产的作家,他的作品已在众多商业和学术期刊上发表。 他撰写/合着/编辑了二十多 (20) 本书,例如:《跨越国界》、《亚洲推销员》、《国际社会企业家精神》、《当代微型企业》、《商业地缘政治手册》、《管理取证学》、《地缘经济学进展》、《全球商业情报》 和人工智能经济中的商业战略。 他目前是 Tabor 商学院管理学和国际商务专业的全职教授和 Dwayne Andreas 商学教授。 他教授商业创新、国际商业、商业战略和国际商业咨询。

A self-described "explorer of knowledge," this Tabor School of Business professor takes Performance Learning into uncharted waters



Millikin University faculty are well-known for their innovative work with students. Across all areas of study, through the University's hallmark Performance Learning model, Millikin's faculty give students unprecedented access to hands-on, real-world experiences that fuel growth, providing them with a level of confidence and cool expertise that most students don't develop until graduate school.

米利金大学的教师以其与学生的创新工作而闻名。 在所有学习领域,通过大学标志性的绩效学习模式,米利金的教职员工为学生提供了前所未有的实践、真实世界的体验,这些体验促进了成长,为他们提供了大多数学生无法培养的自信和出色的专业知识 直到读研究生。

The groundbreaking Performance Learning work being done by Dr. J. Mark Munoz is no different. As a prolific author, global award-winner and dedicated professor, Munoz has consistently found ways to turn his personal and professional passions into a curriculum that takes Tabor School of Business students into uncharted waters.

J. Mark Munoz 博士所做的开创性绩效学习工作也不例外。 作为一位多产的作家、全球获奖者和敬业的教授,Munoz 一直在寻找方法将他的个人和专业热情转化为课程,将泰博商学院的学生带入未知领域。

"I have learned over time that our students are so talented and always come up with amazing ideas," Munoz said. "Some of these ideas come up at the tail-end of the project, when key research has been done and we desperately need fresh strategies and solutions. I have developed so much respect and admiration for the abilities of our students — when it's time to deliver, they always do."

“随着时间的推移,我了解到我们的学生非常有才华,总是能想出绝妙的点子,”穆尼奥斯说。 “其中一些想法是在项目的尾声出现的,那时关键研究已经完成,我们迫切需要新的策略和解决方案。我对我们学生的能力产生了极大的尊重和钦佩——是时候了 交付,他们总是这样做。”

Case in point: Munoz's International Business Consulting students have worked with governments around the world to develop economic and branding strategies that impact the populations of entire countries. On two occasions Munoz has led teams of Millikin students as consultants for Ecuador. In 2017, Millikin students developed a market strategy for the country as it sought to enter the U.S. handicrafts market.

例证:Munoz 国际商务咨询专业的学生与世界各国政府合作,制定影响整个国家人民的经济和品牌战略。 穆尼奥斯曾两次带领米利金学生团队担任厄瓜多尔的顾问。 2017 年,米利金学生制定了该国的市场战略,因为它试图进入美国手工艺品市场。

Haley Hogenkamp, Class of 2017, was one of the 11 students involved with the project. "It was an incredibly formative experience for me as an undergraduate," she said. "At the beginning of our project, we had no idea just how immense the undertaking of the project would be. Additionally, it was high stakes."

2017 届的 Haley Hogenkamp 是参与该项目的 11 名学生之一。 “作为一名本科生,这对我来说是一次令人难以置信的形成性经历,”她说。 “在我们的项目开始时,我们不知道该项目的规模有多大。此外,这是高风险的。”

Government officials from Ecuador reached out again in 2019, asking Munoz and his students to take on a branding project to boost tourism in the Ecuadorian province of Imbabura, which led to work on a global branding strategy for the entire country. These global opportunities have continued, even during the pandemic:

厄瓜多尔政府官员在 2019 年再次伸出援手,要求 Munoz 和他的学生开展一个品牌项目,以促进厄瓜多尔因巴布拉省的旅游业,从而为整个国家制定了全球品牌战略。 即使在大流行期间,这些全球机会仍在继续:

"As a class, we developed a global branding strategy for Liberia under a fully online format. It was the first time this course was taught online. Thankfully … our students can adapt and reinvent themselves and find new ways to learn and complete projects."

作为一个班级,我们以完全在线的形式为利比里亚制定了全球品牌战略。 这是该课程首次在线授课。 值得庆幸的是……我们的学生可以适应和重塑自己,并找到新的方法来学习和完成项目。”


From one project to the next, Munoz has seen this global work fuel the growth and development of his students in several ways.

从一个项目到下一个项目,Munoz 已经看到这项全球工作以多种方式推动了他的学生的成长和发展。

"One, students gain a stronger international perspective — they learn to appreciate foreign countries and cultures and the intricacies of doing business overseas. Second, they develop heightened research and analytical skills, discovering how to do comprehensive market research in foreign environments … And third, they experience global citizenship. They realize that they are part of a global community and can leverage their talents and abilities to make a real difference in the world."

“第一,学生获得更强大的国际视野——他们学会欣赏外国和文化以及在海外开展业务的复杂性。第二,他们提高研究和分析技能,发现如何在国外环境中进行全面的市场调查……第三, 他们体验了全球公民身份。他们意识到自己是全球社区的一部分,可以利用自己的才能和能力真正改变世界。”

Munoz has been modeling that global approach his entire career — a career that includes publishing more than 25 books across a diverse array of disciplines, from AI to entrepreneurship to a recent topic that takes a decidedly personal look at his life's work.

Munoz 在他的整个职业生涯中一直在为这种全球方法建模——他的职业生涯包括出版超过 25 本书,涉及不同的学科,从 AI 到创业,再到最近的一个主题,这个主题对他一生的工作进行了明确的个人审视。

"One of my recent books, 'Creating a Business and Personal Legacy,' was written from the heart. I hope the book helps others think about how they want to be remembered and what contributions they can make to the world. … We all have the potential to make a difference in a profound way. A key part of Millikin University's mission is to prepare students to live a life of meaning and value. I have made it a point to weave in key lessons from the book in all my classes."

“我最近的一本书《创造企业和个人遗产》是发自内心的。我希望这本书能帮助其他人思考他们希望如何被记住以及他们可以为世界做出什么贡献。……我们都有 以深刻的方式产生影响的潜力。米利金大学使命的一个关键部分是让学生过上有意义和有价值的生活。我已经把这本书的关键课程融入我所有的课程中。 “

Part of Munoz's legacy is the professional recognition he has received throughout his career — and his recognition of how fundamental his time at Millikin has been as a part of that legacy.

Munoz 的部分遗产是他在整个职业生涯中获得的专业认可,以及他对自己在 Millikin 的时间作为该遗产的一部分的重要性的认识。

"I learned a lot from our community, honed my skills here and received a lot of support. The mentoring I received from Millikin professors early in my career helped me develop my teaching skills. My students have always been my 'compass' and served as a source of inspiration in my work as a teacher, author and researcher."

“我从我们的社区学到了很多东西,在这里磨练了我的技能并得到了很多支持。我在职业生涯早期从米利金教授那里得到的指导帮助我发展了我的教学技能。我的学生一直是我的‘指南针’,并担任 作为一名教师、作家和研究人员,这是我工作的灵感来源。”

No doubt his students would say the same.




NOVEMBER 9, 2022 at 9:45am Kendall Trump, Class of 2013

Tabor professor invited to serve on global leadership coalition board




Dr. J. Mark Munoz, author, global award-winner and professor at Millikin University’s Tabor School of Business, has been invited to serve as an advisory board member for the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC). The USGLC is a nationwide network of businesses, organizations and individuals who support strategic investments to elevate development and diplomacy in efforts to build a better, safer world. Those involved in the organization include national security and foreign policy experts, as well as faith-based, academic, military and community leaders.

作家、全球获奖者兼米利金大学塔博尔商学院教授 J. Mark Munoz 博士已受邀担任美国全球领导力联盟 (USGLC) 的顾问委员会成员。 USGLC 是一个全国性的企业、组织和个人网络,支持战略投资以提升发展和外交,努力建设一个更美好、更安全的世界。 参与该组织的人员包括国家安全和外交政策专家,以及信仰、学术、军事和社区领袖。

Eric Moorer, Ohio Valley manager for the USGLC, remarked that the coalition’s Illinois branch is dedicated to strengthening the Illinois economy by bringing together more than 100 leaders, including former government figures, to discuss how global leadership impacts the state. 

USGLC 俄亥俄河谷经理 Eric Moorer 表示,该联盟的伊利诺伊州分支机构致力于加强伊利诺伊州经济,召集包括前政府官员在内的 100 多位领导人讨论全球领导力如何影响该州。

“USGLC reached out to Dr. Munoz to join the Illinois Advisory Committee because of his passion for the work he does around the world and how he’s been able to give students incredible firsthand experience creating global brand strategies for multiple countries,” Moorer commented

.“USGLC 联系了 Munoz 博士加入伊利诺伊州咨询委员会,因为他对他在世界各地所做的工作充满热情,以及他如何能够为学生提供令人难以置信的第一手经验,为多个国家/地区制定全球品牌战略,”Moorer 评论道。

“We are very happy to work with Dr. Munoz to show why America leading globally matters locally to communities throughout Central Illinois.” 

“我们很高兴与 Munoz 博士合作,展示为什么美国在全球范围内的领先地位对整个伊利诺伊州中部的社区都很重要。”

Dr. Munoz is well-known at Millikin and around higher education for his groundbreaking work in global citizenship, international business consulting and artificial intelligence, among several additional topics in his catalog of work. His experiences make him an ideal fit for USGLC, and he is grateful for the opportunity to share his perspectives.

Munoz 博士因其在全球公民、国际商业咨询和人工智能方面的开创性工作以及他工作目录中的其他几个主题而在 Millikin 和高等教育领域享有盛誉。 他的经历使他非常适合 USGLC,他很高兴有机会分享他的观点。

“Membership in the coalition opens the door for me to serve others in a much broader capacity. It will certainly widen my professional network and lead to an enhanced understanding of current global issues.” Dr. Munoz commented. 

“联盟的成员身份为我打开了大门,让我能够以更广泛的能力为他人服务。 它肯定会拓宽我的专业网络,并加深对当前全球问题的理解。” Munoz 博士评论道。

He is also enthusiastic about the opportunities that his USGLC advisory board role will bring to students at Millikin, such as creative avenues for global citizenship, consulting projects, internships, scholarships and awards. 

他还热衷于他的 USGLC 顾问委员会角色将为米利金的学生带来的机会,例如全球公民的创意途径、咨询项目、实习、奖学金和奖励。

In addition to the invitation to serve with USGLC, Dr. Munoz is also looking forward to the publication of his 30th book, “Digital Entrepreneurship and the Global Economy,” which is set for release in early 2023. The book integrates his interests in entrepreneurship, management, global business, economics and technology while analyzing how the worldwide business landscape will change with technological advancements in the digital economy.

除了受邀加入 USGLC 之外,Munoz 博士还期待着他的第 30 本书《数字创业与全球经济》的出版,该书将于 2023 年初出版。这本书融合了他对创业的兴趣 、管理、全球商业、经济和技术,同时分析全球商业格局将如何随着数字经济中的技术进步而变化。

“I am honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate with top scholars from around the world to help advance knowledge on how entrepreneurs can best succeed in this environment,” he stated.


Throughout his career, Dr. Munoz has modeled a global approach to education by publishing a large collection of books across a diverse array of disciplines, from AI to entrepreneurship. He has also received several professional accolades, including awards and recognitions as a distinguished professor and accomplished author. “My career as a book author and editor has been a long, challenging yet meaningful journey,” he said.

在他的整个职业生涯中,Munoz 博士通过出版大量涵盖从 AI 到创业等不同学科的书籍,树立了全球教育模式的榜样。 他还获得了多项专业荣誉,包括作为杰出教授和有成就的作家的奖项和认可。 “我作为图书作者和编辑的职业生涯是一段漫长、充满挑战但意义非凡的旅程,”他说。

“I am motivated by the notion of sharing ideas and educating others beyond the confines of the classroom and across international borders.” 


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