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rig package "Ready to Drill"

rig package "Ready to Drill" will involve 30+ manufacturers for different components work jointly at same rig yard to assembly, rig up and test. 

  • rig floor equipment (rotary table, swivel, hook & block, top drive system, elevator link, casing platform, iron roughneck, drilling line, air winch, man-riding winch, power cathead, power catwalk,etc).

  • mud pump & high pressure circulating system.

  • solid control equipment & low pressure circulting system.

  • generators & SCR/VFD equipment.

  • dolly device (desert fast moving system) (if any)

  • tubular handling tools.

  • well control equipment ( is not required to test with rig up at rig yard normally).

  • drill tubular (drill pipe, drill collar, pup joint, x-over subs, drilling jar, casing scraper, stabilizer, non-magnetic drill collar, drill bit, etc) & racks will not test with rig up at rig yard.

desert fast moving rig

National Drilling Company (NDC) of Abu Dhabi awarded BOMCO  to engineer, construct and deliver 11 units (7+3+1) 1500 HP, 2000 HP desert fast moving rig package with "ready to drill" requirement in 2010.

The project is an icon achivement for China made land rig in middle east market and forged solid foundation for consequent projects BOMCO won in this region. 

Great thanks to Mr.
Mike Simpson, Co-founder & CEO of Oilman International FZE and Mr. Peter McCallum, co-founder & VP of Oilman International FZE  who played critical roles in both before awarding and after signing contract, have contributed their know-how and experties in such project. 


my first rig package 

Precision Drilling International (PDI, and Weatherford Drilling International (WDI) in 2007 later) awarded Oilman Group 3 x 2000 HP SCR/VFD Rig package project in early of 2007 just before last boom in drilling industry.
I learned "
Ready to Drill" concept in rig pacakge project from Mr. Mike Simpon, SVP of PDI then, and Mr. Peter McCallum, Project Manager of Weatherford Drilling then. I lost big money from the project because of quality failure of drill pipe but gain friendship with Mr. Mike Simspon and Mr. Peter McCallum and delivered birth of Oilman International FZE in 2008 at Dubai.