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Mr. Shawn Lewis

Partner, Director

Founder & CEO of Ryno Drilling 

SVP | Sourcing & Procurement 

Panama | Dubai 

Mr. Lewis, co-founder of Ryno Drilling , possesses over 33 years of hands on drilling and operational management experience.


He started his career working in the Canadian oilfield service industry for approximately 10 years and then went to work for Parker Drilling International in Kazakhstan as Field Superintendent. He has also worked in Kuwait, Trinidad and Tobago as Operations Manager for Tuscany Drilling International and later he worked in Algeria for KCA Deutag as the Operation Manager.


Overall, he has worked in over nine countries worldwide. His overall drilling experience has made him an expert in the drilling industry, specializing in the management of startup drilling companies. Shawn is known as a highly effective Operations Manager and he brings an extraordinary amount of passion to the management and direction of operations.


Shawn is renowned for his commitment in delivering the highest quality of service to his customers. He is an accomplished problem solver and has an immense appreciation for cost management and profitability. 

Lewis 先生是 Ryno Drilling 的联合创始人,拥有超过 33 年的钻井和运营管理经验。

他的职业生涯始于在加拿大油田服务行业工作了大约 10 年,然后前往哈萨克斯坦的 Parker Drilling International 担任现场主管。 他还曾在科威特、特立尼达和多巴哥担任 Tuscany Drilling International 的运营经理,后来他在阿尔及利亚的 KCA Deutag 担任运营经理。

总的来说,他曾在全球超过九个国家工作过。 他的整体钻井经验使他成为钻井行业的专家,专门负责初创钻井公司的管理。 Shawn 是一位高效的运营经理,他对管理和运营方向充满热情。

Shawn 以致力于为客户提供最高质量的服务而闻名。 他是一位出色的问题解决者,对成本管理和盈利能力有着极大的了解。

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