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wellhead equipment

working with Jiangsu Sanyi petrochemical machinery Co., Ltd (API 6A, API 16A certified) and Sichuan Huifeng (API 6A Certified) for wellhead equipment which include wellhead & accessories (casing head, tubing head, hunger, spool, spacer, double-studded adapter), gate valve & components (stem, gate, bonnet, seal).
Cameron WKM, FC style gate valves with spare parts interchangeable to OEM parts.


gate valve 

Cameron FL, FLS-R style gate valve for fracturing services. 
forged body for gate valve.
5000 psi, 10,000 psi, 15,000 psi, and 20,000 psi, 2-9/16" thru 7-1/16" are available.  

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Gate valve trim.jpg

gate valve trim

gate, stem, seat, seal, and bonnet are for Cameron FC, FL, FLS-R style gate valves with interchangeable to OEM parts.

frac head & frac valve

5-1/8", 7-1/16", 10,000 psi WP gate valve, Cameron FLS-R style for frac applications.
Frac head (goat head) & manifold.

Frac Head-2.jpg